Status of Work on Selected Roads in the 2016 Budget Statement

Above is an infographic representation of the state of the roads under construction by the Roads and Transport Ministry. The quality of roads in a country contributes tremendously to development and economic stability. Especially when road transport is the most popular means of transport in the country - as the case is in Ghana. For example, one cannot downplay the crucial role that roads play in the Agric. Sector. Roads link major farming areas to the markets. How bad the roads are can affect the prices of the farm produce as it will be more expensive to transport them. Which means this will go a long way to contribute to the already high cost of living in the country. This, among many other reasons, is why road construction is very important.

When the finance minister read the 2016 budget in parliament a few weeks ago, he made mention of government’s commitment to constructing more roads and conducting maintenance works on already existing ones. At this point of his presentation, he also provided statistics concerning the level of completion of some roads which are already under construction. Most of which are expected to be completed by next year.

The statistics provided in next year’s budget centers on the status of roads that have been under construction since 2014.Some of the key roads that have been programmed to be constructed in the coming year include: Nsawam–Apedwa Road, Kwafokrom–Apedwa, Dodi-Pepesu–Nkwanta, Enchi–Dadieso, Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, Kasoa Interchange. The first phase of the Kwame Nkrumah interchange has already been completed. What is left is the second phase, which is likely to be completed in the coming year, 2016.

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